Welcome to FAT CITY finery!
 Everything is intricately linked together, from our subtle energy bodies to thoughts and intentions that create form. Indulging in crystals, enjoying color and elevating your vibration are all worthy aspirations. To fully understand my intentions in creating FAT CITY finery please read on…


We as humans are 70% water. Water is influenced by vibration. Words are a form of vibration. The vibratory tools of sound, crystals, and essential oils are so powerful and so coherent that they can entrain the vibrations of depressed organs or tissues in the body. Life is electromagnetic rather than chemical. The source of energy is the specific vibrating wave generated by electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom — creating a field of magnetic resonance.

Illness is primarily caused by distortions of vibrations at the level of elementary particles. When just the right sound, crystal, or oil is chosen, it can remind the body of its own healthy harmonic resonance. Every organ, bone and cell has its own healthy resonant frequency. Water catches the vibrations of words and reflects them back. Having a unique role of transporting vibration and resonance, water can help you welcome change and live a more positive and happy life. Even if damaged, water can regain positive energy. By transcending dimensions water gives us information about other levels of existence.

If the body imprints constantly from your environment you absorb emotions, frequencies of music and other sounds and aromas in your environment, why not absorb the energies of crystals? The matching of frequencies creates a sympathetic vibration. If the nature of vibrations is such that negative resonates only with negative and positive resonates only with positive — shine and keep sending out positive vibrations. There is a mysterious phenomenon called consciousness and another intangible called love, and the way we are connected to the mineral and plant kingdom and all that is. Crystals respond to the thought waves of consciousness.

Love is the energy that we give to others, and gratitude is the love that we receive from others. The greatest form of energy results from the harmony between the energy of giving and the energy of receiving. The power of words and vibration and the active energy of love and the passive energy of thanks resonate together. Continually think thoughts of love and gratitude to create balance knowing that the power of love and gratitude has the potential to bring happiness to the people around you. The purest force and the greatest cohering agent is love.

To find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.              ~ Nikola Tesla

The crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the powers of the user’s mind…like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent and concentrated form that can be projected into objects or people.          ~ Scientist Marcel Vogel

Independent research by Prof. Jacques Benveniste, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Dr. David Schweitzer and others has shown that water can store information and picks up negative as well as positive energetic imprints by way of vibrational transfer. This “memory of water” phenomenon is attributed to the dipolar structure of water. Hundreds of water molecules group together and form clusters, which are very sensitive structures, impressionable by vibrational influences. In this way water acts as a receiver and transmitter of information. The natural world, which we are a part of, moves in a spiraling fashion, this is particularly obvious in shellfish, snails, antelope horns, pinecones and climbing plants such as ivy. In a more subtle way, all plants grown in a spiraling fashion always turning to face the sun. The DNA of all organisms forms a double helix spiral. Water flowing in a natural meandering river system forms whirls and eddies and never follows a straight path, and like all free falling objects, rain drops, also, fall in a spiraling motion. This spiraling motion allows all life forms to become energetically charged and enables life and evolution on this planet.      ~ Centre for Implosion Research

The inner teachings of the Eastern priesthoods tell us that crystals appear in the spiritual realms much as they do in the physical world, so they can be used by angelic intelligence to carry vibrations from one plane of existence to another.             ~ Swami Tayumanavar

copyright 2013 FAT CITY finery


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